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About our Club
In 1972, a group of Marines and Police Officers opened a Jujitsu school in Metro Detroit, Michigan, the Institution of Martial Arts.  Since then our club has been in competition (since 1972).  We have produced many champions in boxing, muay thai, full contact kickboxing, and even full contact Japanese Karate.  In the 70's mixed martial arts was unheard of, and many other school owners, did not like the ideal that one school had champions in several different champions in different systems.  Over 30 years later, we continue the same quality instruction in Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing.  If you are serious about Mixed Martial Arts, give us a call 313.581.5085. 
History of MMA
The roots of MMA date back to the ancient Greeks and the early Olympic sport of Pankration, in which combatants faced each other with very few rules.  Similar sports evolved in many different places over time, often with the goal of pitting one traditional martial arts style against another.  Many legendary martial artists, such as Jeet Kune Do founder and practitioner Bruce Lee, have advocated the use of these hybridized, non-traditional forms to most closely resemble real world scenarios.  Even legendary boxer Muhammad Ali took part in a cross-sport match-up when he agreed to face Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki.  These kinds of contests were the early foundation for the sport of MMA, which has grown tremendously in scope and practice since then.  The modern era of MMA is thought to have arisen from the “anything goes” fighting contests (sometimes referred to as “Vale Tudo”) held in Brazil throughout the later half of the twentieth century.  These first reached North America when the Gracie family helped create the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert Royce Gracie surprised fans by winning three of the first four editions.The early American MMA events were often bloody, rule-less brawls, and they quickly drew the ire of notable politicians like Senator John McCain, who decried the bouts as “human cockfighting”.  The sport was almost outlawed completely in the U.S., but survived by altering its “no-holds-barred” strategy and embracing governmental regulation. Since then, MMA has incorporated a more stringent set of rules and weight classes, and has moved toward mainstream acceptance.  Though specific rules vary depending on the organization, MMA usually refers to a sport that combines striking and grappling arts, while outlawing groin strikes, eye-gouging, small joint manipulation, biting, hair-pulling, and strikes to the spine or throat.MMA has been vilified in the past by media and politicians, though there has never been a death or serious injury in a sanctioned MMA event.  Early indications suggest that the sport is actually safer than boxing, thanks to the variety of techniques and the smaller gloves, which prohibit a fighter from absorbing repeated blows to the head, thus minimizing long-term damage.
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Muay Thai
Muay Thai
We also offer authentic Muay Thai training.  We are Michigans oldest Muay Thai Camp.
Muay Thai existed for centuries as a fighting martial art and is well known for its devastating knee, elbow and shin kicks. Muay Thai developed in Thailand and is
popular today the world over as a ring sport for competition fighting. All strikes are allowed in the ring, unlike western boxing, which prohibits all but strikes with gloved fists.
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Boxing is without a doubt the most rewarding and challenging sport available to America's today. The combination of athleticism, physical and mental conditioning, sportsmanship, and self-worth that you will develop form boxing are unequalled in any other sport. Boxing will teach you to rely on yourself, to value the input of others, and most importantly to respect both your skills and those of others. You will develop a level of self-confidence that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You will also find that this is one ot the most challenging things that you will ever do. So, if you are looking for a challenging, mentally stimulating, physically demanding and just plain fun activity, then you found it ... BOXING.
Learn Submission Grappling, wresting, ankle locks, armbars, and submission holds.
Learn ground grappling, throws, holds and much more.

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